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Iron Orchid Designs

La Chasse Paint Inlay- IOD

La Chasse Paint Inlay- IOD

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IOD 12 x 16 Paint Inlay, La Chasse pattern

A Brand New Technique Developed & Patented by IOD ! When you apply an IOD Paint Inlay, Artisanal Paint is embedded into your surface and the paper is removed, leaving an authentic painted design and a buttery, almost leather-like surface on your project.
The 8 sheets will transfer a bright layer of paint in 1st applications - set the sheet aside for 2nd, and maybe even 3rd applications of lighter design, and a more distressed look. The possibilities are endless! You can reconstitute the paint after application, and even add more colors. Experiment. Have fun... almost every application has slight variations that make the project unique.
We highly recommend a chalk type paint with no polymers and finishing up with water based top coat or sealer. IOD has many videos showing different techniques with this brand new product.
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